Lovely Kate

Anonymous: I know, did you see the pictures from when they went for the scan? They looked so adorably happy. I think I'd swap with Anne Boleyn. I know it seems a bit odd given her fate but I admire her so much, she's my favourite figure from history. Who would you swap with? SA

Yes I did! They are so adorable and they’re going to have another adorable baby and George will be a big brother aaand I’m getting too emotional over a stranger’s family and happiness :p

I would choose Anne Boleyn as well because I would really like to know how she was and how her life was. I really don’t think she was a seductress/”witch”/well a bad person in general. She had strong opinions and she was very vocal about them and for her era that was very strange.

I don’t think we have covered that, so tell me, are you in high school/college/working? What are your hobbies?

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Anonymous: I was kind of expecting Kate's but not completely. Obviously I was really surprised when it was announced but with the age of George, I was kinda half-expecting it. Estelle would be so adorable with a sibling, it would be so cute. SA

I don’t know, I still haven’t fully accepted that they have a baby now so the fact that we will soon have baby cambridge 2 blows my mind :P If you could swap lives with one past and one present royal, who would you choose?

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