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Kate and Prince William attend the Boodles Boxing match in aid of Starlight Children’s Foundation at The Royal Lancaster Hotel. || June 07, 2008
Anonymous: Hey! SA here! Are you on summer holidays rn? If so how are they going? Hope you're good and I'm so sorry we haven't spoken much! I promise to be a better SA from now on. So tell me about yourself, 10 facts? X

Yes I am! I’m having a great time, how about you? :)

Hmm ok let’s start:

1. I’m studying journalism

2. I live in Greece

3. I have two sisters and one brother

4. I have two cats

5. I have 6 sideblogs

6. I love reading books

7. Aaaand  I watch way too many tv shows

8. I’m addicted to chocolate

9. I’m very sensitive

10. My favorite color is blue

Now your turn! I know you have a limit so write as much as you can (and want) :)

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