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Anonymous: I seriously have NO idea when Harry is going to find someone and marry her. I really can't imagine him married, he has been single (just dating) for so long that is difficult for me imagine it. You're not the only one! I'm not in college, but I also have too much to study, that's why I haven't messaged you in the past few days: either I'm at school or I'm studying. It's been a nightmare! If you could what would you tell to 5 royals?

I agree! Seeing him in joint engagements with his wife will be sooo weird!

It’s fine, don’t worry! I wasn’t able to log in for days!

Honestly, I would just want to hear what my faves have to say about their lives and how it feels being in the spotlight your whole life. What about you?

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"Kensington Palace now says a final decision will be announced tomorrow on whether Kate will go to Malta. She and William will decide tonight"

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Anonymous: William and Kate's wedding helped a little to introduce me to the royal world, but it was the announcement of George that make me create a tumblr. - Guess game: when do you think Harry will find THE woman and marry her? - What do you do when you're not at the computer?

Honestly, I can see him getting married closer to his 35th birthday. It will take time to find a woman he loves and who is actually willing to join the royal family. What do you think?

I pretty much spend all of my time studying to be honest :P I’m in college and although it’s the first week of classes, I already have way too much to study. So when I do have free time, I get together with friends. And you?

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Anonymous: Harry literally announced it to me. I logged into tumblr and there was this quote of Harry talking something about new siblings for George. And I understood right there, there would be a brother/sister for lil George. I prefer a boy, I like to be in the contraditory side. xD I also can't wait for videos and photos of George with his new sibling, like we have of William and Harry when they were little. So, tell me, when did you started to get interested in royals?

I’ve always been interested in history and of course royalty was always a big part of it. Growing up I got interested in the greek royal family and in Diana, since my mother loved her and used to talk to me about her. A little time before Will and Kate’s wedding I found tumblr’s royal fandom and that’s how I started following other families as well. How about you?

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"[Will and Kate] are great parents and they prove it day in and day out with the lives that they live and obviously the commitments they have you know that it is obviously difficult. But their main focus will always be their children."
David Beckham (via babycambridgesus)

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